Memorial High School

935 Echo Lane
Houston, TX 77024

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This is a private website intended only for students that attended Memorial High School in Houston, TX. Former and current staff members are also permitted to register. All new registrations will have to be verified by either the site administrator or their class administrator.

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Steven Quiñonez

Class of 98'
Gwen Doll

Class of 09'
Wayne Hampton

Class of 73'
Gene Daniel

Class of 63'
Lauren Howard

Class of 02'
John Howze

Class of 71'
Joseph Simmons

Class of 88'
John Carington

Class of 80'
Gary McClatchy

Class of 71'
George Weatherall

Class of 77'
Bj Billing

Class of 65'
Ted Dimitry

Class of 91'
Suzanne King

Class of 82'
Harry Vein

Class of 75'
Leroy Evangelista

Class of 92'
Laurie Wirtanen

Class of 92'
Douglas Bradford

Class of 74'
Sa Griffin

Class of 80'
Andi Prama

Class of 86'
Patricia Limon

Class of 92'
Cathy Knauff

Class of 88'
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